2018 Schedule

2018 Summer Schedule, Youth (13-18) Courses

A Fun & Challenging Tall Ship Adventure focusing on the creation of good memories, friendship, positive outcomes and stronger people!


Our program is an immersive outdoor adventure focused on providing an engaging, fun, and positive platform through which participants can form lasting connections with their peers and the natural world. The social bonds and environmental dynamics created aboard a working Tall Ship enable participants to gain insight into group dynamics and the concepts of community and working harmoniously.

This Journey will empower you to become a stronger person while developing new perspectives, improved self-confidence, better teamwork skills & leadership tools, and an appreciation for our shared history and future.

Make new friends, have amazing experiences in breathtaking locales, and take part in the journey of a lifetime aboard the Tall Ship St. Lawrence II!

These courses are available to young people between the ages of 13-18, no sailing experience required!

Sailing from Kingston, On we will be undertaking 1 and 2 week voyages exploring the Ports, Bays, Inlets & Seascapes of lake Ontario. These sails will offer world class sailing, memories & friendships that will last a lifetime, and a wonderful program that builds confidence, personal strength, and teamwork. 

“This experience was fun, I became more self-confident, and I became more independent.”

- 2016 Trainee

Leave the technological world behind for a few days, and become immersed in the life of a sailor! Form deep and lasting connections with the environment and your fellow sailors, as you work together toward a common goal. You will never regret your commitment to sailing with the St. Lawrence II, and will never forget your days aboard, sailing silently along, past the seascapes and shorelines of Lake Ontario.

Our competitively priced 2018 courses range from 3 to 10 days in length, and are offered aboard our award-winning, licensed & inspected, historic Tall Ship.

“The entire adventure was amazing, so it's hard to choose just one highlight, but a few that come to mind are how awesome it was when we put up the sails for the first time, the amazing scenery, and meeting the crew.”

- 2016 Trainee

As a participant in the course you will become a Tall Ship crew member, and take on the responsibility for the sailing and routine of the ship. Some of the tangible outcomes from taking part in our sailing courses include improved confidence, grit, problem solving skills, and teamwork abilities.

The Voyage:

Your adventure begins when you arrive at the ship & are introduced to the ship’s crew. The professional Captain and First Mate will put you in one of three watches (groups), each under the supervision of experienced peer officers.

Our youth officers are all past trainees, who have successfully completed the training, and gained the experience required to be leaders aboard. All of them are alumni of the program. They will ensure that you learn everything you need to know to become part of the crew as quickly as possible. Following some basic orientation covering parts of the ship, safety procedures, and how the ship is run, you will stow your gear and help prepare for departure.

Once everyone is aboard and is familiar with the ship, we will depart for your first day of voyaging under sail! You will learn the names of all the lines (ropes) and how to use them to control, raise and lower the sails under all weather conditions, how to raise and lower the anchor, how to safely climb the rigging to furl sails on the yards, how to launch and row the ship’s boats (dories), and how steer the ship.

From time to time the ship will anchor in a safe cove or moor alongside a pier, allowing some time for relaxing, swimming, rowing the dories and exploring what’s ashore, or just pondering and reflecting on your voyage.

All courses begin at 12:00 and end at 11:00 and will depart and return to Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, 53 Yonge St, Kingston, Ontario, unless otherwise noted in the Schedule (a course which starts in another port/ city ,eg. Quebec City, will of course board and end in the specified port(s)/ cit(y)ies.


Our Summer Courses are open to all participants between the ages of 13 and 18

Duke of Edinburgh participants are asked to submit an additional administrative fee of $75, payable on the first day of the course.

Course 1, Kingston - Kingston, July 1st - 3rd
Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Adventurous Journey.

Duke of Edinburgh Gold or Silver Adventurous Journey.

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Adventurous Journey.

Duke of Edinburgh Gold or Silver Adventurous Journey.

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Adventurous Journey.

Duke of Edinburgh Gold or Silver Adventurous Journey.

Duke of Edinburgh Gold or Silver Adventurous Journey.

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