Please return our tools and computer.

An open letter from the crew to the person who keeps stealing from us.

For the second time in two years the St. Lawrence II has been victimized by someone who is stealing our tools & equipment. We rely on our tools to run our ship and our program. 
Last year we had both of our orbital sanders stolen, and this season they stole our drills and our laptop. Given that these tools were next to other expensive tools hidden in very specific spots around the ship, and that the computer was locked in the office, we believe that this person knew what they wanted, and where they could be found. 

It would be a huge blow to the program, and a difficult loss to deal with, if whoever was stealing from us was just your average run-of-the-mill crook, who broke in, took what they could from a small charity, and vanished. However, that is not the reality of these crimes. These thefts were committed by someone who knew what they were looking for, where to find the equipment, and how to access the ship and the office without breaking in. This person is a member of our family.

                                                                Our missing drills . . .

As you can well imagine it is not easy to keep the shop supplied with safe and quality tools. We rely heavily on donated items, and take extreme care of the ones that we do have to purchase, as we do not have the budget to replace tools all of the time. It is enough of an obstacle for our program to operate smoothly when we have to buy new tools due to age, wear, poor maintenance, or misuse; but losing quality new tools & equipment to someone we trusted is even harder.

If you are the person who made off with our tools... please give them back. 

In the spirit of the holidays, we are asking that you find it in your heart to return what you have taken. We don't wish to reprimand you, or ask you to identify yourself to us. We just request that you put what you took back where you found it. This is a program that relies completely on donations, volunteerism, and community goodwill. Your actions are the antithesis of Brigantine's mandate and mission, and it is gut-wrenching to think that you must be in our midst; that you are one of us. 

All we can ask is that you return our tools, and please not take any more.


The Crew of the St. Lawrence II.